B & B casa rural for sale in Alpandeire, Ronda


Come to relax and refresh yourself in the unspoilt Genal Valley, Serrania de Ronda

   "my dreams of sumptious mountains, white villages and wild flowers en masse have been more than satiated....rewarded by gorgeous things to look at and then to come back to the casita and village has been perfect...."     

What kind of area is this?
This is real Spain in the tranquil, friendly small white village of Alpandeire in the Valle de Genal near historic Ronda.   The village has great charm as well as excellent food in the local restaurants. It is a great place to relax and refresh yourself.  If you like more activity there are opportunities for mountain biking, absailing and horse riding within the area of the Serrania.                                



Alpandeire weather for the next seven days

Spanish village accomodation
suitable for two people in real Spain. Beautiful mountains with wild flowers, walking routes, migrating birds and wonderful scenery for artists and photographers.  



A mountain village with hiking trails and beautiful flowers. An ideal base for Drawing and Painting holidays, Photography and Retreats. People are Inspired by the beautiful scenery, dramatic skies, the bird life and clear air as well as the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the village.