Bedroom area


Large studio room with two beds but there is plenty of space for a third bed if required.

Kitchen area & wood stove   kitchenwood stove


There is a fully fitted kitchen area including washing machine and cooker with oven.

For the cooler winter months thers is a wood stove and a portable gas fire.

Bathroom & roof feature   bathroomroof

Separate modern bathroom with a full sized bath including shower.

The original roof has been replaced with an internal pine beamed ceiling. To keep the studio warm in winter and cool in summer there is external insulation of 6cm of cork followed by specialised insulating tiles and topped with the original roof tiles.

Internal patio and entrance   patioentrance


Although adjoining the main house this is a totally self contained space with it's own entrance, patio and breakfast terrace. It has been converted from the attic of the oldest part of the property.

Ground floor undeveloped main room  

This space contains two rooms and a cupboard large enough to fit a shower and toilet. It is the same size as the converted studio.

This is the antique entrance door to the main room

currently used as storage space


Ground floor undeveloped second room  

This second space is large enough for a bedroom. with a shower coversion in the cupboard.

This is the antique entrance door to the cupboard


Two large douible bedrooms with en suite

  front bedbedshowerbasinbathroom

One of the rooms has two full length windows that open onto the street. One window has a small balcony where you have a good view of the church and the steep village streets. Both roomes have central heating low consumtion radiator for winter months.


En Suite bathrooms


Two smaller double bedrooms one en suite   terrace roomterrace bedsbath room terrace

A cosy bedrooms one with a fantastic view across the Valle de Genal. The large window looks out onto the terrace and beyond to the mountains. Central heating low consumtion radiator for winter months in both rooms.




En Suite bathroom

A roomy bathroom with a large window looking out to the mountains.

Guest lounge   guest loungelounge


Room used as private lounge for guests or as an additional bedrom. Central heating low consumption radiator for winter months.




Large private lounge   private loungelounge


Room used as private lounge for ownwers or shared with family ans guests. Adjoining large modern kitchen.




Public areas   front hallbedroom entrancestaircase
The hallways and staircase have been renovated to retain the original floor and many original features. The terrace is a new development that offers fantastic views over the village and mountains.

A central heating low consumtion radiator is kept on all winter to heat the public areas.