Terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before booking with us. They contain important information. Thank you.


When you have completed and sent your booking form and deposit, you are accepting , on behalf of all named persons, the terms and conditions of Casa del Llanete. Although extremely unusual, we reserve the right to refuse any booking.

Bookings for a ccommodation. Please fill in the booking form, we will contact you to confirm availability.  To confirm your reservation, we require a non-refundable deposit of the first night stay. This can be paid through our Paypal icon on the booking page. Your reservation is not fully confirmed until we receive your deposit.


If you cancel your holiday with us unfortunately, your deposit is non-refundable. However, if you wish to re-book a holiday with us at a later date, your deposit will be valid for one year from your original cancellation. The price of your accommodation cannot be reduced if you arrive late or leave early. Your travel insurance may cover cancellation.

If we have to cancel a holiday due to force majeure (natural disaster, civil war or unrest), severe weather conditions, or due to unforseen circumstances which may cause discomfort or danger to our guests, you will be offered alternative dates or a full refund of all monies paid. We reserve the right to modify holiday details if the need arises for the safety and comfort of all guests.

  • Ensure that you have adequate personal travel insurance for all members of your party, which covers, health and medical emergencies, repatriation and any extra activities that you may participate in during your stay with us, such as; horse riding, mountain biking, quad-biking, climbing or water sports.
  • An appropriate medical form, which includes all members of your party
  • Please inform us if you have a medical condition which may affect you during your stay with us and that we need to be aware of.

We do not accept responsibility for guests who do not have an appropriate level of travel insurance to cover their stay with us.


We are a small family run business and endeavour to be a responsible provider. We will do our utmost to provide the best accommodation as outlined in our publicity and any further information provided and requested. However, you accept the accommodation at Casa del Llanete at your own risk and agree to this on confirming your booking.


We endeavour to ensure that you are happy and satisied with your time spent with us. However if any problem should arise during your holiday, please inform us immediately so that the problem can be resolved quickly and efficiently.