Casa Del Llanate measurements

Reformed areas:
Attic/workshop area                                                             61.75sqm
Small house flat/studio                                                       34.50sqm
First floor consisting of 3 double bedrooms
Two shower/wc en-suite and/or shared                           60.74sqm
Ground floor consisting of 1 double bedroom
En-suite/shared shower/wc
Office, guests lounge/additional bedroom
Main lounge, large kitchen                                                 96.40sqm

Semi-reformed areas:
Semi-sotano open fronted to the garden                          41.00sqm

Small house used as almacen                                             35.42sqm
Small house stable                                                                24.00sqm
Main house stable                                                                 22.00sqm

Reformed                                                                              253.39sqm
Semi-reformed                                                                       41.00sqm
Un-reformed                                                                           81.42sqm
Interior                                                                                  375.81sqm

Garden                                                                                   136.00sqm      
First floor terrace                                                                 40.00sqm
Small house patio                                                                 10.00sqm
Small house breakfast terrace                                             4.00sqm
Exterior                                                                                190.00sqm

Plot area                                                                               377.00sqm