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Sustainable Tourism

This is a small white village with a dwindling population and very little employment for younger people. It is essential to us to support the small local economy through our Andalucia holiday accommodation and encourage our guests to use the friendly grocery shops and the tapas bar and excellent local restaurant within the village, all run by younger local people who have opted to stay and help keep this village alive and thriving.

Our Andalucia holiday accommodation is an unusual reformed Spanish house in the centre of the white village of Alpandeire, close to Ronda. The property is made up of various parts, the oldest of which is over 300 years old. The property is constructed of thick stone and earth walls, with Chestnut beams for floors and ceilings, original hand made floor tiles and features. It is a family run small business aimed at providing a relaxing and refreshing holiday as well as contributing to the development and support of the local economy.

We have spent three years, working with local builders, from this village and others in this special area to reform the property and keep as many original features as possible. The roofs have had to be replaced but have been reconstructed with ecological materials, chestnut beams and cork insulation. The original Arab roof tiles have been individually cleaned by hand and replaced. (Modern Spanish roofing is made with concrete slabs and chemical spray insulation under tiles).

All the guttering has been replaced to bring rainwater into the well in the centre of the property. Hot water is supplied by a Solar water heating system. Low consumption energy bulbs are used throughout and radiators for winter heating are individual and able to be programmed and disconnected when not used, to minimise energy consumption. In the summer, the thick walls and high ceilings keep the house reasonably cool and we do not have an air-conditioning system. On odd occasions, low consumption fans are used, but rarely.

The property has a garden which is constructed from the original pig and goat pens and recycled stone and tiles from dilapidated parts of the old property. Organic waste is composted to enrich the land and grow a small amount of vegetables and fruit. All plastics, glass and tins, card and paper are put into the recycling bins in the village.

This is a small village and all visitors are encouraged to use the local shops, bar and restaurant. We are committed to supporting the local village economy. We help local Spanish friends with their olive harvests and also help with the local vegetable/fruit gardens. Use as much local produce as possible.

We have local guide books available both in English and Spanish, documenting the history of this area, the culture and customs. If people are specifically interested in an aspect eg. archaeology, local crafts, local farming/agriculture etc, we give them information, signpost them to local craft centres or introduce them to someone locally who has the information and provide translations if they do not speak Spanish.

At present we do not have a swimming pool at the property. In Andalusia there are serious water shortages in the summer months. The village is proposing a public pool within the next year or two and there are pools in the nearby villages or you can swim in the Genal River. We recycle any office paper, minimise printing by dealing mainly with email bookings. Recycle printing ink cartridges and use refillable ink cartridges